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Elucidation, Woot!

It's come to my attention that not everyone realizes that yes, you have to sign up for a livejournal account to use this community and that may deter people from wanting to use it. So, I have some info that will either persuade you or give you other options.

I also want to iterate that we prefer hard copies, and that this community can be used for discussion and editing specific parts of assignments as well.

Joining Livejournal

Why you should...

1. Livejournal is free and easy to use. Signing up is simple, and then all you have to do is copy and paste and the rest is up to us.

2. It's really fun. Feel free to check out our journals (virtuistic, faithlynn) for proof. It facilitates ranting, keeping track of interesting information, keeping in touch with your friends, plus you can join communities like this one that cater to your interests or desires.

3. If you don't mind other people looking at your work, you can get a lot of feedback. I know that I personally love feedback from different sources because different people interpret things differently and then I can learn how I can make my point clear and concise as it can be. So this can serve as a very valuable resource to you.

4. If you're really wary of other people reading your work, you can set it up so only Faith and I can read it in just a few very simple steps by creating a custom friends group. It takes, literally, 32 seconds. There are instructions how to do so in the user info for this community... and right here. This way, Faith and I can use our mad skills of html coding to show, as we would on a hard copy, errors or changes that we make, and post feedback in one fell swoop.

5. It's easier for us to work with an easily locatable online publication than trying to find a sent file on our hard-drives or depend on e-mail attachments or something to find the document in question. Plus, then it's also a question of what if the saved document for some reason doesn't interact nicely with one of our computers[Faith has a Mac, I run Windows] and that can just be messy and frustrating. We love helping ya'll, it's just sometimes our darling computers don't love helping us. Which is another wonderful thing about online publication, we can access it anywhere. If we go home for a weekend we can still get at it.

Other Options

1. NOTICE: The Yahoo! Group has been deleted.


1. At you can upload your document, and post the link to this community.

Direct file sent to either Me or Faith.

1. Both Faith and I have an excessive amount of contact information in the userinfo. I think it's pretty to safe to say that if you try to reach us using any of the options, you'll most likely hear from us within an hour and a half, if not immediately. We're almost always awake until at least 1:00 am, and when we're in our room we always have our messengers up. Feel free to contact us for no reason at all, we are, after all a Friendly Neighborhood Writing Center. However, we will accept files sent over messenger if necessary.

2. In fact, if you have a paper over 3 pages in length, please send the file direct to one or both of us. All of this is, of course, assuming you can't bring us a hard copy. We're pretty amiable, and we've got a lot of fun stuff in our room, and we definitely prefer human interaction over the livejournal community, but we also definitely prefer the livejournal community over the other options listed above.

I hope this clears some things up by clarifying the options available and at least states our case. Overall, if you cant bring us a copy[and your paper is 3 double-spaced pages or less], please post here with an lj-cut. We are flexible, so feel free to use the other options listed when necessary, just keep in mind where we stand. Thnks, all!
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