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Not that either of us think you'll be stealing each other's papers, of course, but if you're in a big class (i.e. eight million people enrolled in lectures) for which each section gets the same paper topic, please consider getting an LJ account (if you don't have one already) and putting your post on a private filter for Shelby and I. Links to the FAQ for friendslist filtering appear in the last two posts. That, along with a link to info about what constitutes plagiarism, will be posted in the userinfo as well.

Plagiarism is not cool. Like, at all, but we don't anticipate having a problem with it. This community is not exactly well-publicized and there is very little chance someone from outside the University will stumble upon your paper and use it for their own purposes. We do admit we have very little control over this sort of thing, so if posts are public we're going to trust that all of you are honorable people, as we know you are, but if we can trace plagiarism to you, know that you will be banned from the community and reported to the governing bodies at the University that deal with such offenses. A conviction of plagiarism at the U of M always results in at least an F on the assignment which has been plagiarized. Further consequences include failing the course, losing athletic or other privileges, or being expelled from the University. More information about plagiarism and its consequences can be found here. Plagiarism will not be tolerated, period. Copyright, yo.

In other news, I thought I'd point out that this community is really not to be used, except in adverse circumstances or for those unable to visit our room, for the posting of whole papers (more than three double-spaced pages). You know where we're located in the building; if you have a paper longer than three pages please come see us in person, and we appreciate having hard copies of shorter papers as well. Copy is much easier to edit by hand that way. If you have a question about a paragraph or two within a larger paper, a query about organization or any quick questions, feel free to post everything here, but we ask that papers longer than three pages be given to us as hard copies. We can handle them much better that way.

In any event, we would prefer that papers not be sent to us as emails, unless they are Word attachments. We may consider setting up an alternate email address which both of us can access for this purpose; if we do we will inform everyone of it.

The bottom line? Your Friendly Neighborhood Writing Center is located in Room 431 of lovely Middlebrook Hall.

Its online component, email component, etc., are all only subsidiaries of what is, literally, our brick-and-mortar Center. We have made the voluntary choice to extend a standing invitation to our room to what is, in essence, the entire University - and we mean it. Don't feel you're inconveniencing us or cramping our style. Once we move in, we'll be working hard to make our room comfortable for as many people as we need to play host to. Shelby and I both love people, and we mean for our room to be the primary hub of the Center. The online divisions have been created for your convenience, however, and if it is more convenient for you to use them, by all means feel free to do so.

Thanks for your attention and patience with us as we continue to revise and refine our plan for the Center.

Also: WOOHOO! Shelby found us an icon! And a damn good-looking one, at that.
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