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That F'iN Writing Center!
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Date:2005-02-14 15:05
Subject:"It's Valentine's Day, we can't cut the lights." - Alexs Pate
Mood: cheerful

Hello all!

It's been awhile since we've talked to you, and awhile since you've talked to us. Still, we'd like to say Happy Singles Awareness Day/Valentines Day, and remind you that our door is still wide open, especially as spring approaches and brings the evil midterms along with it. We even have some news!

We now own every single style manual.
Therefore, we can answer any question about formatting. Chicago, APA, MLA, or similar, we have you covered.

I, virtuistic, am opening myself up for small questions/papers (please limit 1-2 pages) concerning or written in Spanish.
I am trying to stay in practice with it, and genuinely enjoy the language, so feel free to drop me a line via MSN or AIM or e-mail.

Anyway, that's about all for now. :)

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Date:2004-09-15 14:02
Subject:Elucidation, part the second

Breaking news update:

If you have not read this post yet, please do so before reading this one.

1. This is now an open community. You do not have to get a livejournal account or even join the community in order to post a reply here. We do, however, encourage you to get one; Shelby has compiled a list of very good reasons why you should, and they can be found below. Just because you get an account does not mean you are in any way obligated to keep an actual journal, of course, but getting an account has many positives with regards to managing this community and keeping tabs on everybody's progress. Anonymous posters (without an LJ account) are not able to post their own, autonomous entries; you can only reply to an already-made post. We'll still see your entry, because we have to moderate it, but you'll get less attention from the rest of the community, and less feedback from people other than us. We will log the IP addresses of those without livejournal accounts, but don't worry about our selling your souls to the government or something - this is just to make sure we can track you down if you forget to leave your name or something, provided we've already worked with you. Anyone choosing to post anonymously must leave contact info in the post. If you fail to leave us a way to get ahold of you, we can't help you.

2. Anonymous posts are moderated. Do not let this deter you from posting for fear we won't see it; we are on livejournal constantly and we promise one or both of us will see it no more than two hours after it's posted. Don't worry about getting approved; moderation is only for those (probably very, very rare people) who will try to disrupt the community through abuse, flaming, etc. No worries.

3. This whole online thing will undoubtedly turn out to be a gift from God as far as deadlines and logistics go, but it could get messy. Again, if you can get a hard copy of your work to our room, it will be greatly appreciated. Simply giving us a hard copy cuts out all the electronic middlemen, and nobody has to worry about any of the problems Shelby has so ruthlessly identified below. It's much easier for everyoneinvolved if we are able to look at hard copies of everyone's work. We have soft furnishings. We're good people. We have candy and animal crackers. Come on down, please, if you possibly can.

4. I don't mind getting email attachments or having papers sent via yousendit.com, etc. It's not hard for me to find things on my hard drive, because Macs are better that way. I can open Word documents from at least the 98 versions on and possibly older, I think. For any Mac users,Collapse )

5. Please read the userinfo. I'll hopefully get around to compiling a massive post with all our rules, guidelines, caveats, etc. that have already been laid down, which I will put behind an lj-cut so you don't necessarily have to read it. I'll put it in the memories and link to it in the userinfo, so all this will be easy to find.

6. Not to be redundant, but here it is again: We like you. We like having this community. But it makes everything much easier for everyone involved if you give us a hard copy of your work. We are flexible, yes, but keep this in mind.

(correct me.)

Date:2004-09-16 01:46
Subject:Elucidation, Woot!
Mood: satisfied

It's come to my attention that not everyone realizes that yes, you have to sign up for a livejournal account to use this community and that may deter people from wanting to use it. So, I have some info that will either persuade you or give you other options.

I also want to iterate that we prefer hard copies, and that this community can be used for discussion and editing specific parts of assignments as well.

Joining Livejournal

Why you should...

1. Livejournal is free and easy to use. Signing up is simple, and then all you have to do is copy and paste and the rest is up to us.

2. It's really fun. Feel free to check out our journals (virtuistic, faithlynn) for proof. It facilitates ranting, keeping track of interesting information, keeping in touch with your friends, plus you can join communities like this one that cater to your interests or desires.

3. If you don't mind other people looking at your work, you can get a lot of feedback. I know that I personally love feedback from different sources because different people interpret things differently and then I can learn how I can make my point clear and concise as it can be. So this can serve as a very valuable resource to you.

4. If you're really wary of other people reading your work, you can set it up so only Faith and I can read it in just a few very simple steps by creating a custom friends group. It takes, literally, 32 seconds. There are instructions how to do so in the user info for this community... and right here. This way, Faith and I can use our mad skills of html coding to show, as we would on a hard copy, errors or changes that we make, and post feedback in one fell swoop.

5. It's easier for us to work with an easily locatable online publication than trying to find a sent file on our hard-drives or depend on e-mail attachments or something to find the document in question. Plus, then it's also a question of what if the saved document for some reason doesn't interact nicely with one of our computers[Faith has a Mac, I run Windows] and that can just be messy and frustrating. We love helping ya'll, it's just sometimes our darling computers don't love helping us. Which is another wonderful thing about online publication, we can access it anywhere. If we go home for a weekend we can still get at it.

Other Options

1. NOTICE: The Yahoo! Group has been deleted.


1. At http://www.yousendit.com you can upload your document, and post the link to this community.

Direct file sent to either Me or Faith.

1. Both Faith and I have an excessive amount of contact information in the userinfo. I think it's pretty to safe to say that if you try to reach us using any of the options, you'll most likely hear from us within an hour and a half, if not immediately. We're almost always awake until at least 1:00 am, and when we're in our room we always have our messengers up. Feel free to contact us for no reason at all, we are, after all a Friendly Neighborhood Writing Center. However, we will accept files sent over messenger if necessary.

2. In fact, if you have a paper over 3 pages in length, please send the file direct to one or both of us. All of this is, of course, assuming you can't bring us a hard copy. We're pretty amiable, and we've got a lot of fun stuff in our room, and we definitely prefer human interaction over the livejournal community, but we also definitely prefer the livejournal community over the other options listed above.

I hope this clears some things up by clarifying the options available and at least states our case. Overall, if you cant bring us a copy[and your paper is 3 double-spaced pages or less], please post here with an lj-cut. We are flexible, so feel free to use the other options listed when necessary, just keep in mind where we stand. Thnks, all!

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Date:2004-09-05 20:57
Subject:Start your engines...
Mood: content

Yis. So, Faith and I are securely moved in to our base (sans bunk, *grumble grumble*), 431 Middlebrook Hall. This means that we are adequately prepared to accept papers for revision! Exciting, yes? Of course it is. Also, just a reminder, that as it is much more fun for everyone involved, if at possible please come visit us in person. We have video games, great music, and insanely amusing humor. How can you pass that up? In fact, feel free to come anytime for no reason at all. We're friendly, we promise. Welcome all.

(correct me.)

Date:2004-08-31 15:29
Mood: excited

Alright...so Shelby has a bit of ridiculous information.

1. I just bought a really kickass phone.

2. I also bought really kickass music.

3. We will have 4 controllers, Super Smash Bros, and Perfect Dark, N64 stylee.

Therefore, rest assured that your visits to the Friendly Neighborhood Writing Center will be exceedingly entertaining and stylish. Hah.

So stoked, guys.

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Date:2004-08-13 20:30
Mood: excited

Not that either of us think you'll be stealing each other's papers, of course, but if you're in a big class (i.e. eight million people enrolled in lectures) for which each section gets the same paper topic, please consider getting an LJ account (if you don't have one already) and putting your post on a private filter for Shelby and I. Links to the FAQ for friendslist filtering appear in the last two posts. That, along with a link to info about what constitutes plagiarism, will be posted in the userinfo as well.

Plagiarism is not cool. Like, at all, but we don't anticipate having a problem with it. This community is not exactly well-publicized and there is very little chance someone from outside the University will stumble upon your paper and use it for their own purposes. We do admit we have very little control over this sort of thing, so if posts are public we're going to trust that all of you are honorable people, as we know you are, but if we can trace plagiarism to you, know that you will be banned from the community and reported to the governing bodies at the University that deal with such offenses. A conviction of plagiarism at the U of M always results in at least an F on the assignment which has been plagiarized. Further consequences include failing the course, losing athletic or other privileges, or being expelled from the University. More information about plagiarism and its consequences can be found here. Plagiarism will not be tolerated, period. Copyright, yo.

In other news, I thought I'd point out that this community is really not to be used, except in adverse circumstances or for those unable to visit our room, for the posting of whole papers (more than three double-spaced pages). You know where we're located in the building; if you have a paper longer than three pages please come see us in person, and we appreciate having hard copies of shorter papers as well. Copy is much easier to edit by hand that way. If you have a question about a paragraph or two within a larger paper, a query about organization or any quick questions, feel free to post everything here, but we ask that papers longer than three pages be given to us as hard copies. We can handle them much better that way.

In any event, we would prefer that papers not be sent to us as emails, unless they are Word attachments. We may consider setting up an alternate email address which both of us can access for this purpose; if we do we will inform everyone of it.

The bottom line? Your Friendly Neighborhood Writing Center is located in Room 431 of lovely Middlebrook Hall.

Its online component, email component, etc., are all only subsidiaries of what is, literally, our brick-and-mortar Center. We have made the voluntary choice to extend a standing invitation to our room to what is, in essence, the entire University - and we mean it. Don't feel you're inconveniencing us or cramping our style. Once we move in, we'll be working hard to make our room comfortable for as many people as we need to play host to. Shelby and I both love people, and we mean for our room to be the primary hub of the Center. The online divisions have been created for your convenience, however, and if it is more convenient for you to use them, by all means feel free to do so.

Thanks for your attention and patience with us as we continue to revise and refine our plan for the Center.

Also: WOOHOO! Shelby found us an icon! And a damn good-looking one, at that.

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Date:2004-08-13 11:20
Subject:"OMG DUN STEAL!"
Mood: awake

*ahem* Yes. I have been hearing some concerns about the infamous writing demon known as plagiarism. We all know that not all people are honest and most are lazy and if they see a paper written for a different section of their class they may try to copy it and thus, get the author in a whole heapload of trouble. However, I have some factual information that may help clear this up. A) When anything is posted on livejournal it is considered to have been published, and therefore copyrighted. Read more here. However, who got what from whom could very well be tedious and perhaps impossible so in light of that, I suggest once again the custom friends group so that only Faith and I will have access to your work.

More InformationCollapse )

I hope that clears up any concerns. However, it is always an option(for some) to physically come down to your Friendly Neighborhood Writing Center at 431 Middlebrook Hall(Tower) and enjoy the extreme coolness of our room, or to send an e-mail direct to one of us.

Issues with e-mail...Collapse )

=] So, I beleive that about wraps up PLAYJERRIZM. Have a nice day.

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Date:2004-08-12 17:38
Subject:Hello and welcome
Mood: excited

A few notes from virtuistic's partner in crime. Faith here, your Friendly Neighborhood Co-Moderator. Hello and welcome.

1. Payment will be by donation only. Your Friendly Neighborhood Writing Center is a strictly nonprofit venture, and if you wish to give us any reimbursement whatsoever, we swear by Lynne Truss that every cent goes straight back to the Center. You need not feel obligated to pay us for our services, but your continued support of our work is greatly appreciated. The suggested donation is 25 cents per page (Alternate forms of payment include, but are certainly not limited to: chocolate, ice cream, fake wine, yogurt-covered pretzels, flowers, yarn, exotic beads and cheese).

2. Once we get everything up and running (by the time school starts, with any luck), my original intent was to make this community entirely public, so that those who did not wish to get an account with LJ would not be forced to do so. LJ accounts are free now, anyway, so there's nothing to stop you, but if you do decide not to open get an account with LJ, we understand. To anonymous posters, then: all anonymous posts must be accompanied by your name and a way we can get ahold of you. If you do not wish to post your room number, email address, phone number, etc., just leave your AIM, Yahoo or MSN messenger name and we will get in touch with you through those means. Anonymous posters will not, obviously, be able to keep their work private, if they wish to do so - but really, everyone, we're all nice people and all here to help. You really don't need to worry about people laughing at your work or making fun of you in any way, but if you still have privacy concerns or are just nervous about others reading your work, you can read more about creating custom friends groups here. Shelby and I, as always, will deal with filtered entries with the utmost respect and discretion, and none but the two of us will be able to see any entries which have been posted in that manner.

3. Yes, we are ridiculously excited.

4. Any - and we do mean any - suggestions, comments, complaints, etc. are welcome. We have no idea what we're doing and while none of you probably have any more experience at this than we do, we are still very open to help from any quarter. Comments or questions can be left here, in response to this post, or as emails to Shelby or I (our contact information appears in the user info).

Thanks for all your early support, everyone, and we look forward to working with you in the fall. In the meantime, please be patient with us as we continue to work out the kinks in the plan. We ought to be fully up and running by the time papers are starting to be assigned, and we will continue to be committed to doing our very best and giving everyone's work the attention they deserve.

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Date:2004-08-10 02:09
Subject:Insomnia is a whore.
Mood: restless... like, without rest

Good... morning?

Yes, I am quite aware that I should be in bed and not fooling around with things like the internet, especially when I didn't get anything that I wanted to get done tonight because of this ever-so-addicting tangled mass of information.

However, I made a Yahoo Community to facilitate friendship, cajolery, polls, chats/real-time online appointments, etc.

Also, I do have MSN Messanger so chats will also be available on that fine piece of program. Faith and I both have AIM as well, so that would also be an option. However the Yahoo Community could also serve to meet people in the same classes, or just make friends, because we all like friends. Yis. And now...I think I'm going to actually try to go to sleep. Adieu.

(correct me.)

Date:2004-08-09 11:43
Subject:Testing, testing, 1-2-3.
Mood: accomplished

Ahhh, sweet success.

Aha! I figured the bugger out! As posted in the other community, this one is undergoing some make-overs to be prepared for the up and coming 04-05 school year. Faith and I will be bouncing ideas back and forth in order to make this the best it can be. For now, I have a couple of notices and a couple suggestions.

1. Our room will be organized this year but as Faith and I are waiting until we get there to buy some of our supplies, it might be a week or so, because we're lazy, to be completely up and running though I'm sure we'll still accept drafts. It's just that for the first week you might not get the full F'iN Writing Center experience.

2. We really don't know if or how the U might respond to us, hopefully not malevolently, but I know a couple people have asked me about compensation for our services and I think, as running a business out of our room is quite illegal by university standards, payment in cash could very well be quite disastrous. Thus, we're trying to figure something out, it wont be through the nose and will probably just be payment of one cherry coke. =]

3. The little mood icons are stars because everyone here is a STAR! actually, it more derived from the fact that when you did something well in elementary school the teacher always gave you a gold star... that's what we're goin' for. By posting and being apart of this community, you are a good human being and you get a star. Heh, this isn't really a notice so much as me thinking that I'm clever and wanting to squee about it. =]

4. Also, Faith and I are ridiculously excited about all of this.

1. For posting on here, even though this is a closed/moderated membership community, it occurred to me that some people might be shy and not want an entire community of other students to stare at their paper. Therefore, if you like and you wish your works to only be viewed by Faith and me, you can make a custom friends group and include only her and I, and then when you post just make sure the security level is set on the custom group, and we will post our comments so they are screened, meaning only you can see them, for extra protection.

2. Plus, I guess this one is more a polite request on our behalf because we don't know how much traffic we'll be getting, but if you can, please post or bring in your papers a day or even a couple of days or so in advance. We can't do too much or be incredibly thorough when it's a omigoshthispaperisduein45minuteshelpme! So, better for you and better for us if we're given a day or so heads up.

3. Also, if you have a comment, question, or complaint or just a suggestion for us to run better, please feel free to post it in here. We like feedback. Oh yes, we do.

That being said, I think that's all for now.

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