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That F'iN Writing Center!

Actually, your "Friendly Neighborhood" Writing Center

The F'iN Writing Center
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The seekers of syntax, the protectors of Italian semicolons, the enforcer of our Lord Lynne Truss...you walk in the garden of our punctuation!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Writing Center

Is the thought of a new year full of papers, papers, and more papers leaving you paralyzed with abject terror? Do you wake up in a cold sweat at three on a Saturday morning?

Well, worry no more, because your brand-new Friendly Neighborhood Writing Centeris here to help. We quiver with delight at the mere prospect of correcting your grammatical blunders, shedding light on the darkest of hastily written papers. Foreign? Confused? Losing your grip on the English language is easy to do, and we understand. It happens to the best of us, especially around midterms. Just come on down (or up) to room 431, and lay your fears to rest. Sure, you could go downstairs and work with someone who's actually been vetted by a higher authority - but what fun is there in that? None, we say.

Do we have any technical qualifications? Not really. References? Not unless you count Crazy Aunt Mersel and that really tall guy in the beanie - and we're not even sure he likes us very much.

But we can assure you that we kick ass, and you're guaranteed to at least have a great time getting good grades while we nitpick to our heart's content. Come on over; give us a try.

This community is the online home of Your Friendly Neighborhood Writing Center, located on the fourth floor of Middlebrook Hall at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. When we are done creating the community, patrons of the Writing Center will be able to post small papers or sections of larger papers if they are unable to come to our real-life location.


Contact Info:
Shelby (virtuistic)
email - fake_plasticme(at)hotmail.com
AIM - ThpethalK
yahoo - typical_screenager
MSN - fake_plasticme(at)hotmail.com

Faith (faithlynn)
email - faithlynn(at)journalist.com
AIM - faitlynn
MSN - furl85(at)hotmail.com


Things you need to know:
Confused about plagiarism? You can find a definition here, as well as ways to recognize and avoid plagiarism. Examples of what is and is not considered plagiarism can be found here.

Consequences for plagiarists at the University of Minnesota can be found at the bottom of this page.

Information about copyright infringement on LJ can be found at this FAQ.

Wondering how to filter your post so only Shelby and Faith can read it? Instructions can be found here.


Rules of the game:
1. Don't be an asshole. Shelby and Faith have discovered that life just runs a lot better when people aren't assholes. This means no flaming, basic ten commandments apply, no libel, don't plagiarize, etc. You may be smarter than everyone else here – Faith and Shelby included – but please, just once, for the happiness and serenity of everyone involved, keep it to yourself. Arrogance and self-superiority, like plagiarism, are most emphatically not welcome here.

2. Check the faq entries.

3. If you can't get us a copy in time, feel free to send us your papers via YSI and stick a link on it if you aren't afraid of other people reading your writing. It's highly unlikely that anyone else will, because who other than Faith and I would be crazy enough to happily take on your school work along with our own? We'll either print it out, mark it up, and get it to you and charge you a dollar for printing costs... or we can edit the document itself and send it back to you via YSI or e-mail.

4. If you want us to edit online and are comfortable with posting your work in the community, please LJ-cut any entries longer than 500 words or so. This is not required, but it is very strongly recommended as a courtesy to your fellow members. Information on customizing your LJ-cut can be found here. The basic tag looks like this: < lj-cut >...< /lj-cut >. Take out the spaces.

5. We vastly prefer to have hard copies of your work brought to us. We can work better that way, and you get to hang out with us and monopolize our soft furnishings, so why not come on over?

If you do choose to post your work in this community: Posts longer than the equivalent of three double-spaced pages will be deleted, unless you are unable to get a hard copy to us for some reason (i.e., you're incapacitated, not in the city or state, etc.). If that is the case and you are unable to bring us a hard copy, please either upload the document via YSI or get ahold of us via email, AIM, or some other medium, and we’ll get you taken care of. All our contact information is provided above. We are flexible, as always, and want to help you; however, you will be suspended from the community for the rest of the semester - and your paper will be ignored - if you chose not to comply with our request for a hard copy and did not provide us with a valid reason for not doing so. If there are any problems, just let us know - no hard feelings, no big deal – all we want is a bit of warning and we will be thrilled to meet your needs in whatever other way we can. Shelby is always on MSN Messenger, and both of us can accept file transfers over AIM and other services. We don’t anticipate having any problems, in any way, in that respect.

6. We do, of course, reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. We don’t plan on exercising it, but there you are.


Affiliates: grammar_pandas, LJ's first Eats Shoots & Leaves community.


Disclaimer: The Friendly Neighborhood Writing Center is in no way affiliated with the University of Minnesota. The University of Minnesota claims no responsibility for, is not in control of, and may not even be knowledgeable of the content contained herein. Shelby and Faith are making no money from this venture and do not intend to. We exist solely to provide an alternative to University-sponsored tutoring services, and to better our fellow students in their use of our hallowed English language.