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Testing, testing, 1-2-3.

Ahhh, sweet success.

Aha! I figured the bugger out! As posted in the other community, this one is undergoing some make-overs to be prepared for the up and coming 04-05 school year. Faith and I will be bouncing ideas back and forth in order to make this the best it can be. For now, I have a couple of notices and a couple suggestions.

1. Our room will be organized this year but as Faith and I are waiting until we get there to buy some of our supplies, it might be a week or so, because we're lazy, to be completely up and running though I'm sure we'll still accept drafts. It's just that for the first week you might not get the full F'iN Writing Center experience.

2. We really don't know if or how the U might respond to us, hopefully not malevolently, but I know a couple people have asked me about compensation for our services and I think, as running a business out of our room is quite illegal by university standards, payment in cash could very well be quite disastrous. Thus, we're trying to figure something out, it wont be through the nose and will probably just be payment of one cherry coke. =]

3. The little mood icons are stars because everyone here is a STAR! actually, it more derived from the fact that when you did something well in elementary school the teacher always gave you a gold star... that's what we're goin' for. By posting and being apart of this community, you are a good human being and you get a star. Heh, this isn't really a notice so much as me thinking that I'm clever and wanting to squee about it. =]

4. Also, Faith and I are ridiculously excited about all of this.

1. For posting on here, even though this is a closed/moderated membership community, it occurred to me that some people might be shy and not want an entire community of other students to stare at their paper. Therefore, if you like and you wish your works to only be viewed by Faith and me, you can make a custom friends group and include only her and I, and then when you post just make sure the security level is set on the custom group, and we will post our comments so they are screened, meaning only you can see them, for extra protection.

2. Plus, I guess this one is more a polite request on our behalf because we don't know how much traffic we'll be getting, but if you can, please post or bring in your papers a day or even a couple of days or so in advance. We can't do too much or be incredibly thorough when it's a omigoshthispaperisduein45minuteshelpme! So, better for you and better for us if we're given a day or so heads up.

3. Also, if you have a comment, question, or complaint or just a suggestion for us to run better, please feel free to post it in here. We like feedback. Oh yes, we do.

That being said, I think that's all for now.
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