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*ahem* Yes. I have been hearing some concerns about the infamous writing demon known as plagiarism. We all know that not all people are honest and most are lazy and if they see a paper written for a different section of their class they may try to copy it and thus, get the author in a whole heapload of trouble. However, I have some factual information that may help clear this up. A) When anything is posted on livejournal it is considered to have been published, and therefore copyrighted. Read more here. However, who got what from whom could very well be tedious and perhaps impossible so in light of that, I suggest once again the custom friends group so that only Faith and I will have access to your work.

* When you post an entry, you can choose to allow only certain friends to see it. This way, you can post an entry that some but not all of your friends can see. For instructions on how to do this, see

I hope that clears up any concerns. However, it is always an option(for some) to physically come down to your Friendly Neighborhood Writing Center at 431 Middlebrook Hall(Tower) and enjoy the extreme coolness of our room, or to send an e-mail direct to one of us.

My main concern is that sending things in e-mail form could be tedious for Faith and I. Cluttered inboxes are never fun. Especially when attachments don't work, the text is all disjointed and loses all sense of paragraphs, or the text spontaneously refuses to wrap, etc. Naturally, our preference is to have everything posted here, but we are maleable and not diametrically opposed to other options.

=] So, I beleive that about wraps up PLAYJERRIZM. Have a nice day.
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